b. 1982 West Palm Beach, FL
Lives and works in Portland, ME

2011  MFA Massachusetts College of Art + Design
2005  BA Hampshire College

2023  Elizabeth Atterbury: Oracle Bones, Curated by Rob Wiesenberger, Clark

          Art Institute, Williamstown, MA [forthcoming]
2022  Duets, Mrs., Maspeth, NY
2021  Letters and Souvenirs, DOCUMENT, Chicago, IL
2018  Night Comes In, Mrs., Maspeth, NY
2017  3 Sets, Mrs., Maspeth, NY
2016  Happy Sunny Jade, DOCUMENT, Chicago, IL
2015  currents7: Elizabeth Atterbury, Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville,
2014  Elizabeth Atterbury, kijidome, Boston, MA
2012  Photography Indoors, DOCUMENT, Chicago, IL

2022  New England Triennial 2022, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA
2021  Spatial Relations, Elizabeth Atterbury, Gordon Hall, Anna Hepler, Center for Maine

          Contemporary Art, Rockland, ME 

          Anniversary, Mrs., Maspeth, NY
          Mirages, Elizabeth Atterbury, Katy Cowan, Strauss Bourque-LaFrance, Crisp Ellert Art

          Museum, St.Augustine, FL

          Rachel Uffner Gallery & Mrs., Foreland, Catskill, NY
          Designing Women III: Mother, Egg Collective, New York, NY
          Parallax / Geography, Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA, Portland, ME
          Breaking the Material Plane, Rivalry Projects, Buffalo, NY
2019  Infinite Games, Elizabeth Atterbury, Micah Danges, Alina Tenser, Jeff Williams, High Tide,
          Philadelphia, PA
2018  Portland Museum of Art Biennial, Portland, ME
          ROYGBIV, Kate Werble, New York, NY
2017  Wild Family, Border Patrol, Portland, ME
          Underlying system is not known, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
          Off-Modern: In What Time Do We Live?, The Luminary, St. Louis, MO
2016  Elizabeth Atterbury, James Collins, and Sterling Lawrence, Curated by Document, Et al.
          Etc., San Francisco, CA
          You Yes You, Curated by Meghan Brady, Able Baker Contemporary, Portland, ME
2015  We agree the paler tones would make a more subtle statement, Curated by Dmitry Komis,

          Ida Schmid, Brooklyn, NY

          An Argument for Difference, TSA New York, Brooklyn, NY
2014  Three Cups Fragrance, Bodega, New York, NY
          Idea of North, Curated by Daniel Fuller, River Bend Smelt Camps, Bowdoinham, ME
2013  Inside Order, KANSAS, New York, NY
          Peninsula School, ICA, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
2011  The Pleasure’s Mine, Bodega, Philadelphia, PA
          The Collectors Guide Vol.2: Exhibition, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
2010  Thieves In The Temple, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA
          Maine Photographers: Ten Years Later, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockport, ME

2023  Percent for Art Commission, Elizabeth Atterbury and Anna Hepler, York Judicial Center,

          Biddeford, ME [forthcoming]

2020  Percent for Art Commission, Elizabeth Atterbury and Anna Hepler, Mt. Ararat High School,

          Topsham, ME

2019  Project Grant for Individual Artists, Maine Arts Commission
2017  Percent for Art Commission, Elizabeth Atterbury and Anna Hepler, Molly Ockett

          Elementary School, Fryeburg, ME

          Kindling Fund Grant for The Number of Inches Between Them, commissioned sculpture

          and performance by Gordon Hall, organized by Elizabeth Atterbury and Meghan Brady,

          SPACE Gallery via The Warhol Foundation

2014  Project Grant for Individual Artists, Maine Arts Commission

2022  Reading Material: Books Shaping Artists’ Practices Now, Art in America, September 2022
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          Rockland Show, Portland Press Herald, December 12, 2021

          Keyes, Bob, Rockland curator uses space to create peace, Portland Press Herald,
          October 25, 2021
          Letters and Souvenirs: Elizabeth Atterbury in conversation with Gordon Hall, The Chart,

          Vol.6, No.1: Winter 2021

          Arango, Jorge S., Experimental photography on display in joint exhibits at MECA, Portland

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